We Are Logos  is the leading retailer of promotional  and custom products such as USB drives, pens , yoyo's  , mouse pads and thousands more products. We have in total more than 750,000 products. 

We are Logos average order is $ 2,000  . There are no hidden costs to your client. We offer excellent customer service and a low price guarantee.

Payment Plan :

*Our cookies are Life time Value of the Consumer

*Commissions: For  all orders  8 percent commission

*We give commissions on the 15th of the month and the minimum has to be $ 25.

Program Highlights :

*Our Network is Shareasale one of the most reputed affiliate network in the industry.

*24/ 7 Real time tracking from Shareasale.

*Banners to place on your site. We have many and we constantly have new ones.

*10 Percent given back to charity.

*We Provide Datafeed

*We will have a monthly newsletter that will have our monthly specials as well as our new products.

*Also we will always have contests and we will ask you the affiliates what kind of items would you like to win!

Please be patient with us as we know many would love to join our affiliate program. All questions will be answered. We are extremely affiliate centric .

You can join at http://tinyurl.com/6z6ndn3 .

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